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About TetraFusion

TetraFusion is an electronic design services firm specializing in custom solutions based on intelligent servos. The company’s U.S. based, seasoned design team has expertise in embedded computing and a solid foundation in motor control design.

Clients are typically electro-mechanical Original Equipment  Manufacturers (OEMs) seeking to use servos for controlling and managing products based on fractional horsepower motors. These clients often require a design with a unique size or shape, and the ability to select various user performance profiles.

TetraFusion can customize a solution to meet a client’s specific application needs.   The approach is to design a complete system including a tightly integrated power supply and user interface in addition to intelligent servos. TetraFusion’s proven reference designs are used whenever possible to minimize risk and improve time to market.


How we can help

    Our Specialized Expertise

  • Electronic servo design
  • Enhanced process
    • accuracy
    • consistency
    • reliability
  • Technology selection
  • New product development

     Supplement Client's Team

  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Resolve issues with existing designs
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