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Design Analysis

For modern, state of the art products designed to handle high speed data and high capacity  digital traffic (rapid clock rates, fast switching speeds and tight switching tolerances), it is crucial to conduct performance analysis before during and after hardware implementation to ensure the design meets the intended performance targets.

Design analysis applies traditional digital and analytical methods to your design in order to verify functionality and performance before, during and after implementation.

TetraFusion's design analysis services reduce the debug time, prototyping expenses and schedule delays typically associated with performance-related guesswork. We offer three types of analysis to assist you in validating your design: Signal Integrity analysis, HDL Verification analysis, and Timing and Performance analysis.

Signal Integrity Analysis

Our Signal Integrity analysis service analyzes device and board-level electrical interconnects and high speed circuitry to identify transmission line and switching effects typically problematic with high-speed systems.

HDL Verification Analysis

HDL Verification analysis is a functional evaluation of synthesizable state machines and combinatorial logic implemented within programmable devices such as CPLDs and FPGAs. This type of analysis enables verification of the device's internal functions as well as the interaction between the device and associated interfaces.

Timing and Performance Analysis

Our Timing and Performance analysis service provides a detailed evaluation of the propagation of data through the circuits and subsystems -- typically relative to a given clock reference source. This analysis allows designers to determine the set-up and hold times, propagation delays and overall delays induced by the subsystem being designed.

Design Analysis Benefits

  • Shortens design cycle by substantially reducing time required for lab troubleshooting and debugging
  • Reduces total project expenses by eliminating avoidable design re-spins
  • Improves design integrity through up-front optimization



Pillars of Success

TetraFusion was founded on four principles essential to the success of every project:

Focus: TetraFusion provides specialized expertise in motor control design by remaining tightly focused and striving to continuously enhance our technical knowledge in this area.

Proven Development Process: The company uses a well-defined, systematic design methodology for every project to ensure project objectives and budget requirements are met.

Consistent Project Management: Project management organizes and systematizes projects to facilitate progress and minimize unexpected issues.

Ongoing Client Communication: To ensure project deliverables meet clients' needs, TetraFusion's project leaders meet regularly with clients throughout each project and proactively identify any issues that arise.

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