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Detailed Design and Implementation

Detailed design and implementation includes the process and practices by which the desired product solution is produced in low-level technical detail. The following sections describe TetraFusion's areas of expertise in the design of hardware, programmable logic, and firmware/embedded software.

Hardware Design

  • Embedded microcontrollers with emphasis on:
    • Freescale PowerQuicc™ and ColdFire™  controllers
    • Infineon Automotive class controllers with emphasis on XC800 series
    • Microchip 12 and 16 series PIC controllers
  • Low density single layer to complex, high density multiple layer circuit boards
  • High-speed memory  and peripheral bus architectures and structures
  • Tele/Datacom protocols (e.g., DSX, OC-X, ATM, SONET, 10/100/1000 Ethernet,)
  • Conventional data protocols (e.g., Serial RS232, RS485, RS422, USB, I2C, SPI)
  • Mixed signal & analog signal conditioning
  • Remote interface signal management

Programmable Logic Design

  • FPGA and CPLD (Xilinx and Altera)
  • Combinatorial and state machines
  • VHDL and Verilog

Firmware and Embedded Software Design

  • Board-level firmware
  • Custom device drivers to include interfaces for FPGAs and CPLDs
  • Embedded real-time applications and RTOS implementation



Pillars of Success

TetraFusion was founded on four principles essential to the success of every project:

Focus: TetraFusion provides specialized expertise in motor control design by remaining tightly focused and striving to continuously enhance our technical knowledge in this area.

Proven Development Process: The company uses a well-defined, systematic design methodology for every project to ensure project objectives and budget requirements are met.

Consistent Project Management: Project management organizes and systematizes projects to facilitate progress and minimize unexpected issues.

Ongoing Client Communication: To ensure project deliverables meet clients' needs, TetraFusion's project leaders meet regularly with clients throughout each project and proactively identify any issues that arise.

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