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System-Level Architecture

System-level architecture provides a high-level definition of the major system and sub-system elements and how they interrelate to achieve the desired overall design result.

Project definition

The project definition is a clear and concise written declaration of what the given product development initiative is to accomplish.

System and Subsystem Requirements

System and subsystem requirements provide a clearly defined set of functional, physical and performance objectives and constraints, which the design must achieve or adhere to in order to satisfy the client's business need.

Project Plan and Schedule

The Project Plan is the formulation of the detailed development steps that will be taken to produce the desired project results. The plan includes the project schedule, staffing projections, overall development cost and timing budgets.


Pillars of Success

TetraFusion was founded on four principles essential to the success of every project:

Focus: TetraFusion provides specialized expertise in motor control design by remaining tightly focused and striving to continuously enhance our technical knowledge in this area.

Proven Development Process: The company uses a well-defined, systematic design methodology for every project to ensure project objectives and budget requirements are met.

Consistent Project Management: Project management organizes and systematizes projects to facilitate progress and minimize unexpected issues.

Ongoing Client Communication: To ensure project deliverables meet clients' needs, TetraFusion's project leaders meet regularly with clients throughout each project and proactively identify any issues that arise.

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